Coaching with the COLOUREM® Method

COLOU [colour] & REM [rapid eye movement]

COLOUREM® is a neuro-functionally structured, systemic coaching concept aiming at exploiting your own potentials and generating new scope for action by eliminating inhibiting emotional obstacles and integrating unresolved emotional conflicts for the benefit of personal development.
It is particularly suitable for getting to know and learning how to utilize the different functions of your brain and forming personal (self-compatible) goals. COLOUREM® supports developing a subjective feeling for feasibilities in achieving aims and deriving adequate conclusions from setbacks or negative emotions. In addition, the method enables training individual self-regulation, autonomously producing a flexible switch between emotional states and being able to utilize it in keeping with the situation.

COLOUREM® was developed by Dr. Kerstin Liesenfeld in 2006 and is based on the latest findings of brain research and the science of psycho-kinesiology. The COLOUREM® Method is essentially based on three scientific theory models: the Dynamic Skill Theory by Professor Kurt W. Fischer, Harvard University, the Personality System Interaction Theory by Professor Julius Kuhl, Osnabrueck University, and the 8-stage Personality Theory by the former psychoanalyst Erik Erikson, Berkeley and Harvard University. The basis of these established models and current research on the complex functionality of the human brain facilitate determining self-compatible goals, overcoming inner obstacles and expanding the personal radius of action.

The method can be employed in different ways:

  • As a coaching method to clarify motivation and support goal implementation processes
    • in individual contact
    • in groups for individual problems
    • in groups for systemic problems
  • As a method to acquire self-management, so that clients can train their own flexibility and autonomously perform reflective processes.

You have to have patience with the unresolved matters in your heart
And learn to love the questions themselves,
like closed closets or books,
written in a foreign language.

It is a question of living everything.
If you live the questions, you may gradually live,
some far day, without noticing,
your way into the answer.

from: Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke